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Super Arch Fenders
TLT-BA Super Arch Fender Features of Arch Fenders: TLT-BA Super Arch rubber fenders have higher energy absorb and lower reaction force than other conventional Arch fenders. The fender’s body

Cone Fenders
Cone FendersTLT-AB Cone Fender Features of Cone Fenders Cone rubber fender is the 3rd generation of cell rubber fender, the structure more reasonable, deflection can reach 70%,the equal specifi

Super Cell Fenders
Super Cell FendersTLT-AA Super Cell Fender Super Cell fenders are fitted with fender panels to obtain a wide contact area on contact with the vessel, thus reducing pressure against the vessel hull as

Rubber Fender for Ship, Boat, Vessel
Vessel Fender is used to absorb the kinetic energy of a boat or vessel berthing against a jetty, quay wall or other vessel.

GD Fenders
GD FendersTLT-GD Fender Features of GD Fenders: 1、TLT-GD rubber fender is a new type fender on the basis of D type fender innovation, TLT-GD fender enlarge fender bottom width and pre-built-in steel p

DD Type Rubber Fenders
1. D fender also can be installed as shown in figure 1. 2. The round holes are also available, as shown in figure 2 & 3. 3. All bolts are the same diameter. 4. Production in accordance with standard performance and size tolerance.

D Fenders
D FendersTLT-D Fender Features of D Fenders: 1、Suitable reaction force, with higher energy absorption than cylindrical rubber fender. 2、Easily for installation. 3、Applicable for frame dock and ships d

Tug Fenders For Ship
Tug Fenders For ShipTLT-Tug Fender Feature TLT-Tug rubber fenders are used in all kinds of tug ship, longer and under more extreme conditions than other fenders. Complete vulcanization technology of

Pneumatic Fenders
Pneumatic FendersTLT-CQ Pneumatic Fender Feature: 1、TLT-CQ pneumatic fender use the inside condensed air as buffer medium, absorb ship berthing energy of vessels, very low reaction force and surface p

Floating Fenders
Floating FendersTLT-P Floating Fender The fenders are extremely robust and do not suffer loss of performance even if damaged. On top repair of smaller damages is relatively simple and can be done on s

Ladder Fenders
Ladder FendersTLT-XT Ladder FenderFeatures1、TLT-XT fender was designed basis on TLT-BA super arch rubber fender with handrail. 2、TLT-XT ladder fenders suit to vertical install in the side of dock to

ME Fenders
ME FendersTLT-ME Fender Features 1. Low reaction force and high energy absorption. 2. The fenders can be combined to different type fender systems to satisfy required performance. 3. Optimum performan


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